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Fresh Recruitment Staff in ULB

Sl No. Memo No. Fresh Recruitment Date
01 UDD(M)582/97/Pt/108-A Appointment in Urban Local Body. 09-07-2010
02 FEA(SFC)59/2010/148-A Transfer of fund to the Local Bodies. 25-04-2011
03 FEA(SFC)68/2010/68 Staffing Pattern of Local Bodies 25-11-2010
04 FEA(SFC)17/2009/42 Fresh recruitment of staff in ULBs  
05 FEA (SFC)/82/2009/96 Fresh recruitment of staff in ULBs 05-03-2010
06 UDD (M) 58/2009/29 Fresh recruitment of staff in ULBs 04-03-2010
07 FEA(SFC)17/2009/133 Staffing Pattern for Different Categories of ULB Employees. 17-02-2010
08 MA 582/97/55 W.T. Message 27-05-1998

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