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Special Assistance:

Sl No. Memo No. Subject Date
01 AC/SPA/PRIs/2015-16/94-A Proposal for Release of 1st installment ie. 50% against approved 165 nos of schemes under "One Time Special Assistance " of 2015-16 pertaining to Dima Hasao district during the year 2016-17. 06.10.2016
02 FEA(SFC)63/2016/138 Minutes of the 1st SLC meeting held on 23.09.2016 at 3.00 PM at Conference Hall of the Chief Secretary Assam on Onetime Special Assistance of Rs 539.79 Cr for 6th Schedule Areas for the year 2015-16 23.09.2016
03 BTC/RD(SCA)/62/2015/25(A) Submission of Project Proposals in connection with the sanctioned amount of Rs. 42102.00 lakhs under One Time Special Assistance, 2015-16 by the Govt of India under Demand No. 37. 01.09.2016
04 FEA(SFC)63/2016/57 Guidelines for Utilization of Special Assistance of Rs 1000 crores sanctioned during 2015-16 to areas covered under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. 03.08.2016
05 FEA(SFC)63/2016/38 FInal Guidelines for utilization of Onetime Special Assistance to the Sixth Schedule Areas, Assam. 19.07.2016
06 FEA(SFC)63/2016/33 Requirement of Sub-Head for "Special Assistance" under the Major Head 3604. 13.07.2016
07 AC/SPA/PRI/2015-16/20 Utilization of Onetime Special Assistance under sixth schedule areas for the financial year 2015-16. 20.06.2016
08 D.O.No. M-13022/5/2016-S-Co Guidelines for Utilization of Onetime Special Assistance of Rs 1000 crores sanctioned to areas under Sixth Scheduled of the Constitution of India. 10.06.2016

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