Assam State Finance Commission,Dispur(Assam)

Assam State Finance Commission 

The Assam Finance Commission has been constituted by the Governor of Assam, on 23rd June, 1995, to review the financial position of the Local Bodies namely the Panchayats and Municipalities and put forward to the Government the recommendations relating to the distribution between the State of Assam and the Panchayats / Municipalities of the nett proceeds of the taxes, duties, tolls and fees. ... Read more

Second State Finance Commission

The Second Assam State Finance Commission was constituted vide GovernmentNotification No.FEA.130/2000/20 dated April 18, 2001 ... Read more

Third State Finance Commission 

The Third Assam State Finance Commission was constituted vide Government Notification No.FEA.182/2005/375 dated February 6, 2006. The Terms of Reference document is available here ... Read more

Fourth State Finance Commission

For further details click here ... details

Detailed Allocation of PRI & ULB

Compliance of Conditions

Supplement to the Budget Documents for the Local Bodies

Guidelines of Local Bodies

Comptroller and Auditor General

Special Assistance

All Format from SFC/CFC

Detail Allocation & UC under the award of 13th FC.

Uniform Format for UC under SFC.

Format for UC under 13thFC.

Market DPR and List of Market

ZP Web Portal

Contact Address

Finance Accounts

Report of the Fourteenth Finance Commission

Circular,Office Orders
Batch-wise ULB Training Participants of MISASFC at SIRD
Format For Budget Allotment/Drawal
Actual expenditure under"3604 as per CTMIS"
Release of fund from SFC and CFC
Format of Form-L
Sanction Letter(SFC)
Sanction Letter(Govt of India)
Modalities for conducting audit of TFC Grants
Arrear Salary proposed by P&RD Deptt
Salary requirement
Sanction Letter(CFC)
Minutes of meetings
Creation in SFC cell
UC GFR-19 Format(PRI & PNRD)
Utilization Certificate
Govt of India UC
Audit of PRIs & ULBs
ULB Websites
Salary of ULB/PRI/GMC
Budget Allotment
Budget Communication
Fresh Recruitment of Staff(ULB)
Detail Allocation to PRIs(FASFC)
Model Estimate under SFC/CFC
Bank Account No of PRI/ULB
Community Hall and DPR.
Community Hall Construction Photo.
Physical Infrastructure & Service Delivery.
Amar Gaon Amar Achoni.
The Assam Public Works (Regulation of Road Development and Road Transport) Act, 2010
Photograph of Schemes of ULBs/PRIs under (13thFC & 4thSFC).
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